Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, the Lord rode a donkey through a village and into a city, while coming through – the people came carrying branches and shouting, “Hosanna – blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” (Matthew 21:9)

Hosanna means to save, salvation – people usually get the meaning mistaken for praise. Jesus came to save, to offer salvation to the world. What a powerful thing to do for a world that doesn’t deserve it, if the Good Lord thinks we are worthy of saving, how can we think otherwise?

The crowd were perfectly right to shout “Hosanna!” They were acknowledging Jesus as their Messiah, there was a cry for salvation and recognition that Jesus can save.

Let’s take this opportunity, this Holy day to forgive ourselves and others, ask God to lift your burdens. In this Holy week, be a better version of yourself, ask that little boy or girl inside of you to let go of anything that is hurting you and seek salvation.